Product Testing

Building brand integrity and trust is an important part of why we highlight our vertical supply chain. Everything from the planting, harvesting, production, and packaging is done under one roof to ensure that the organic agave products we produce meet the highest standards in the industry today. 

Raising the bar in product quality means our products undergo a series of testing throughout the production process.  Seven to be exact.  Our in-house laboratory provides an accurate analysis of all our products.  Utilizing Eurofins Scientific, we do monthly testing of random lots as an added value to our customers.  Eurofins is the only private testing facility in the United States using oligosaccharide testing for the detection of other sugars, an indicator of adulterated product.

In the end, we know customers have a choice of the types of ingredients and products they purchase that is why we continue to be a leader in the agave industry for premium organic agave products.


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The Tierra Group is able to service customers around the world by maintaining sales offices in both the United States and Mexico. This allows us to continue our high quality of customer service and have a real-time presence where our agave products are actually produced.

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