Environmental Stewardship


Biomass Boiler

Environmental stewardship goes beyond our sustainable organic farming methods, it’s just one way in which we practice that balance with the natural environment. Healthy soil and growing conditions is just as important as our land management, planting, harvesting and production of our products.

Planting & Harvesting

No Seeds are grown or processed to plant agave. Shoots from the adult plants are used and hand planted for new crops.

The cropland the agave thrives in is very harsh making it unsuitable for most plants, so no good cropland is used up in the production of agave.

No fertilizer is used or needed for the agave plant to grow so no energy is used to produce, transport or apply pesticides.

No tilling of the topsoil is done when agave is planted, so no erosion of the top soil takes place. Planting is done by hand and only once in 5 to 10 years.

Harvesting is done by hand and other than the transporting of raw material by truck to the factory which is very close to our fields, that is the only energy used.

Raw material waste is used for biomass fuel.


When processing the blue agave for our premium products the shredded raw material of the agave piña is burned in our bio-mass boiler, creating fuel to power the factory.  Recently installed solar panels over our office parking bring power to our sales offices, while water used in the filtration process of our products is re-processed and used to water the grounds around the factory and our newly installed gardens and green spaces.

These efforts help to save our critical natural resources without having a negative impact on our environment.

Solar Panels

Green Spaces


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The Tierra Group is able to service customers around the world by maintaining sales offices in both the United States and Mexico. This allows us to continue our high quality of customer service and have a real-time presence where our agave products are actually produced.

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