100% Blue Agave Spirits, Tequila, Mixto, Agave Distill, and Agave Wine

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Get Your Agave Spirit Products In Bulk From The Tierra Group

The Tierra Group has several unique product offerings when it comes to agave spirits and tequila. Due to the rules and regulations set forth by the CRT and TTB, we cannot offer every product in bulk. However, we have plenty of bulk and bottled options that are sure to fit within the realm of any potential spirit project. 

Our first dive into the agave spirits market was spurred from our customers wanting to distill their own agave spirits in-house. Without access to the necessary raw agave, distillers were forced to resort to agave syrup as the only base to build their spirit from. Distilling from agave syrup is challenging, and while some of our customers could manage, it wasn’t a very fluid process and it left many looking for a better alternative that didn’t strip the spirit of its natural agave flavors.  With this in mind, we worked for years with our team of agave producers to develop a more fine-tuned syrup in which to work from; one that was easier to be fermented and one that created a spirit with authentic agave flavor. This is where our Still Hard Agave Concentrate was born. Solving the issues of slow fermentations and lack of flavor, our concentrate is truly a one-of-a-kind product. With rapid fermentations and a full agave flavor profile to go along with it, our concentrate allows distillers to create their own premium agave spirits that customers can truly appreciate.

After the creation of our agave concentrate, we decided to take things one step further and broaden our horizons into our own agave spirit offerings. We wanted to give customers looking for agave spirits another option that didn’t require them to produce their own spirit. Whether it is lack of time, equipment, or resources, we understand that not everyone is looking to produce their own agave spirit from scratch. That is why we developed a full lineup of agave spirits that offers customers the ease of access to an assortment of products that are sure to align within the scope of any spirit project. With an initial emphasis on bulk packaging in totes and tankers, we now also offer private label services for those looking for bottled agave spirits. Although we would love to offer every spirit in bulk packaging options, due to regulations by the CRT, our 100% blue agave tequila is available exclusively for private label use.

Our vertically integrated operation, from the raw agave fields to the factory, has allowed us to navigate through all the obstacles of importing bulk and bottled agave-based spirits. With a consistent supply and a streamlined purchasing process, we now make it easy for customers to be able to consistently source high-quality agave spirits. We are now proud to offer 100% Blue Agave Spirits, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Mixto Tequila, Agave Distill and Agave Wine, all manufactured and packaged in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico.

100% Blue Agave Spirits

Looking for a premium agave-based spirit, while also avoiding the delays and regulatory hurdles associated with sourcing tequila? Our 100% Blue Agave Spirit is the perfect solution. Designed with quality in mind, this spirit is great for projects of all kinds. Whether you are looking to add some premium flair to your ready-to-drink cocktail, or trying to expand your brand’s spirit offerings, our 100% blue agave spirit checks all the boxes. 

A great spirit must start with only the best raw materials. Our spirit starts with the harvesting of 100% blue agave pinas from our factory fields. Once harvested, the pina is then processed and the fresh agave juice is extracted directly from the pina and into our fermentation tanks. With no added sugars, the pure agave juice is the only source of sugar throughout the fermentation process. We utilize a 72-hour fermentation process in order to maximize flavor and bring out everything the pina has to offer. After the fermentation is complete, the product goes through a double distillation process using copper components to retain, and further enhance, the flavor and aroma of the product. This results in a spirit with a complex and full agave flavor, which is what one should expect out of any premium agave spirit.

The final bulk product is then blended down after distillation into a 55 ABV agave spirit and packaged in 275 gallon anti-static plastic totes ready for import into the US. In order to provide our customers with quick and easy access to this spirit, we offer this product conveniently stocked in our Laredo, TX warehouse. Ready for purchase by the tote, this product can be shipped directly from our warehouse to the respective DSP warehouse. 

In addition to purchasing in bulk, customers can also utilize our private label capabilities for this spirit in order to create a bottled-product that is ready to ship to distributors. This product is offered private label in blanco, as well as aged, at 40 abv. 

*Minimum order of 5000 liters is required for all potential private label projects.

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Through our longstanding relationship with partner agave growers and several tequila facilities, we offer private label services to customers looking for bottled 100% blue agave tequila. This product is perfect for those looking for a high-end tequila that comes ready to sell.

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Tequila Mixto

With direct oversight over every step of the process comes the ability to harvest pinas at their peak sugar content, which is the first step in creating a high-quality tequila product. We then bake these pinas using specific guidelines, bringing out all the sugars and flavors that are necessary to enhance the later fermentation process of the product. The traditional mixto tequila blend of 51% agave and 49% other sugars, combined with the best possible yeast, allows for a slower and more flavorful agave spirit fermentation. Once the fermentation reaches its peak flavor and abv profile, the distillation process begins. 

All of our bulk tequila is double distilled to 55% ABV so we can deliver a packaged product ready for our customers, who then transform this product into their own unique end-products. The steps and care we have taken to produce a quality bulk tequila gives our customers flexibility when it comes to their purchasing needs. Whether you are looking to purchase just a tote, or a full truckload, our CRT registered wholesale tequila allows you to purchase based on your needs, without having to adhere to the common large MOQs currently in place. Our process gives customers the ability to label their products properly as “Tequila” under the authority of the Governing Mexico CRT. With producers selling agave spirits at sub-market prices that don’t meet the requirements to be referred to on labels as “Tequila”, we ensure that customers are getting exactly what they paid for and are receiving a high-quality tequila that can be labeled as such. Available in tote sizing, with the ability to fill tankers as well, we are able to provide customers with prompt access to high-quality tequila for any spirit project. 

Whether you are a RTD manufacturer, a specialty product manufacturer, or a distillery looking to expand your product line, our bulk tequila offers customers a product tailored to both their short and long-term goals. With an emphasis on ease of purchase, our aim is provide customers with consistent tequila supply and service that aids in the future growth of their respective brands.

For those new to purchasing tequila in bulk, we offer the knowledge and expertise required in order to purchase and import bulk tequila. From the required documents to the shipping and importation, we are happy to aid and help customers along this journey; making the purchasing process straightforward and easy.

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Agave Distill

Who says you can’t have it all when it comes to spirits? Nobody can argue that there will always be a demand for premium spirits. Made with only the finest raw materials one can source, these spirits taste great and, many times, have an even better story behind them. However, premium doesn’t always mean the best option, especially when it comes to considering the costs. Keeping with the idea of variety among our spirits, we decided to create a spirit that offers customers the best of both worlds. Our Agave Distill offers customers a great tasting agave spirit, at an even better price point. 

This spirit was designed with RTD cocktails in mind, providing a cost-effective alternative for those looking for a straightforward spirit that still packs strong agave flavor. Whether it be the base for your next canned-cocktail, or a well drink option at your restaurant and bar, our agave distill is the perfect affordable option. Produced using a 25/75 agave blend, this spirit is available in ibc tote packaging at 55 abv out of our Laredo, TX facility.

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Agave Wine

Along with our variety of spirit offerings, we are now proud to offer a brand-new agave wine product to our lineup! Years of development went into making this wine in order to create a well-balanced product perfect for all sorts of applications. Our agave wine takes everything you know and love about agave spirits and combines it with a more familiar sweetness that only blue agave can offer. This sweeter flavor profile is something that is often times lost when producing traditional agave spirits. This reasoning led to the creation of our agave wine; bringing together all the elements of the pina that make the blue agave crop truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

The creation of our wine is simple. It comes down to mastering the basics of harvesting mature and high-quality agave, slowly baking and extracting the raw agave juice, and, finally, fermenting the agave juice. This process results in a fermented product that is sweet, yet complex at the same time. This pure fermented juice makes up the majority of our agave wine, allowing us to retain subtle agave notes that would otherwise become blurred throughout a distillation process.

Similar to many of our spirits, our agave wine is offered in bulk packaging in 275 gallon anti-static ibc totes at 20 ABV. Imported and warehoused in our Laredo, TX facility, this wine is available readily for customers looking for an agave-based product that is unique and brand-new. Use it as a base in a product formulation, or bottle the product as is with your unique branding. This agave wine was designed to do it all. 

*Agave wine available for private label upon request (6,000 L MOQ)

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