Agave Glycemic Index

Agave syrup is low-glycemic sweetener that’s a great option for diabetics or people watching their weight. We’ve compiled a glycemic index chart showing a variety of popular sweeteners with their respective glycemic index scores. Agave syrup’s indicated low score makes it a great weight control/diabetic sweetener.

Bluava Agave Syrup has undergone extensive Glycemic Index testing at the GI Labs in Ontario Canada so we could give our diabetic customers exact numbers.
According to the lab report, the GI value of the Blue Agave Syrup was significantly lower than glucose GI (100). Using the classification of Brand-Miller, the Blue Agave Syrup is classified as a low GI food.

Bluava Agave Syrup 17
Fructose 22**
Brown Rice Syrup 25***
Barley Malt 42***
Maple Syrup 54*
Blackstrap Molasses 55***
Corn Syrup 75***
Turbinado Sugar 65***
White Sugar 80***
High Fructose Corn Syrup 87***
Glucose 100*

*These values are gathered from University of Sydney’s Glycemic Index Database at
**These values are gathered from
***These values are gathered from

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