Agave is one hundred percent vegan. Since it’s derived from agave plants instead of animal sources, you can enjoy this sweetener in the knowledge that you’re not causing harm to any other creature because of it. And our premium organic agave isn’t just vegan. Keep reading to learn about the other ways our agave products benefit the earth they are raised on.

Our Agave is Organic

Since Day One, we’ve been producing our agave syrup in ways that honor the environment and the ecosystem it grows in. We grow only USDA and UE-certified organic agave and all our products are non-GMO, certified by the Non-GMO Project. We’re passionate about preserving the earth’s ability to renew itself and feed us in the present and the future.

Our Agave is Sustainably Produced

We use sustainable agriculture methods to grow and harvest our agave plants. The terrain in which agave grows tends to be dusty, arid and difficult to use for other types of agriculture. That makes it the perfect choice for agave, which requires minimal soil disturbance and causes no erosion.

Since agave naturally grows in soil with low nutrient levels, it requires no fertilizer, which reduces the amount of energy required to produce it over time. Our jimadors (professional agave harvesters) harvest the agave by hand rather than using machinery, again reducing the amount of energy used in the production process.

Since our agave fields are close to our agave processing factory, transporting the full-grown agave to the factory also requires very little energy. Once at the factory, we use a bio-mass boiler to power the machinery used to process the agave. The bio-mass system, which uses organic material to power a hot water boiler, allows us to use the remnants of agave left over from the syrup-making process to keep the factory going. It’s a highly efficient system that ensures no part of the agave plants we produce go to waste.

Our Agave is Ethically Produced

We don’t just believe in treating our environment well. We also believe in treating our employees well. That’s why we provide in-house medical facilities for all our employees and provide support for many programs designed to enrich the community that exists around our factory.

We’re especially invested in supporting programs for local youth. We sponsor DARE and Community Safety Net programs, in addition to local high school athletic teams. We believe our commitment to employee satisfaction and wellbeing pays off in the quality of the agave products we are able to create. We’re proud to say that we believe our efforts in the community are helping our employees and their families reach toward a brighter future.

Buying Organic Vegan Agave

Is agave the organic sweetener you’ve been looking for? When you buy from the Tierra Group, you’re supporting local farmers. Their love for the land and its people is the driving motivation behind our high-quality agave syrup and agave inulin products. Find them on Amazon, or contact us for private label or bulk purchases.