“Clean eating sweetener.” It sounds so simple, but finding the right sweetener for your diet plan can seem like an overwhelming process. But we’ve got good news. Agave syrup might be the right clean eating sweetener for you.

What Does Clean Eating Mean?

Clean eating is a flexible concept. For some people, it means avoiding all gluten, all sugar and all nightshades. For other people, it might mean cutting down on highly processed carbohydrates for a month or so.

For many people, it means finding a way to decrease their sugar consumption. And agave syrup is the perfect product for people who want to do exactly that.

How does Agave Syrup Fit into a Clean Eating Diet?

Agave syrup is a low-calorie sugar alternative that’s also vegan and low on the glycemic index.

Its low glycemic index score makes it slower to metabolize and ensures it has a more moderate effect on blood sugar levels than other sweeteners with higher glycemic indexes. And another agave benefit lies in its natural sweetness: agave syrup is about 40% more sweet than granulated sugar, so it’s also easier to use in moderation.

Agave syrup is a highly versatile sugar alternative. While many people are familiar with agave as a sweetener for coffee or other beverages, it’s also a great sweetener option for baking, cooking and salad dressings. (Looking for sweetener substitution charts? Check out our page about substituting agave for other sweeteners.)

How does agave syrup fit in your clean eating plan? That depends on you! Agave syrup may be the only sweetener you use. Or it may become a convenient alternative that helps you cut down on your sugar consumption.

Where Can I Buy Organic Agave Syrup?

However you want to use agave syrup within your clean eating plan, we have the products you are looking for. Our premium organic blue agave syrup is fair trade certified and produced in Mexico in our farmer-owned factory.

When you buy from the Tierra Group, you’re supporting local farmers. Their love for the land and its people is the driving motivation behind our high-quality agave syrup and agave inulin products. Find them on Amazon, or contact us for private label or bulk purchases.