Blue agave versus agave. What’s the difference?

Where Agave Comes From

Agave nectar and blue agave nectar are both derived from the agave plant, a type of succulent that grows in hot, dry environments all over the world. But each type of nectar comes from a different species of agave plant.

Not all agave nectars are equal. Many agave producers use mixed varieties of agave because they buy their agave from multiple vendors. This makes it more difficult for them to ensure the quality of their product. Blue agave, on the other hand, is agave that is cultivated, grown and harvested specifically for the tequila industry.  This plant generates a premium agave nectar product which is higher in fructose and lower on the glycemic index than nectar made from mixed agave.

Mexican Regulations for Agave Production

Because the Mexican government has established strict guidelines for the product of agave nectar made from blue agave plants, you’re guaranteed a high-quality product when you purchase blue agave nectar. According to Mexican regulation, all blue agave nectar must have at least eighty percent fructose to earn the blue agave nectar label. It can’t be mixed with any other sugars and must be made from blue agave, and only blue agave. The purity and quality of the product is of the highest priority in the production of blue agave nectar. In the production of mixed-source agave nectar, on the other hand, those standards of quality may not be followed as closely.

Blue Agave Characteristics

Blue agave nectar is 1.5 times as sweet as sugar and has a significantly lower glycemic index. While all varieties of blue agave nectar have a slight smoky aftertaste, lighter types of agave tend to have a more neutral flavor profile. They’re typically used in straight-to-table applications like beverage sweetening or salad dressing. Darker types of agave have a more distinct flavor profile and are more typically used in baking applications.

Tierra Group Blue Agave Nectar

At the Tierra Group, we’re proud to produce premium blue agave nectar under sustainable conditions. We grow, harvest and process our own blue agave on farmer-owned properties. Our processing facilities are located only a few miles from the fields where our agave grows, reducing the amount of energy required for transportation. We practice sustainable farming methods that don’t require fertilizer application or encourage soil erosion. We also process the agave left over from processing in our bio-mass boiler, which helps fuel the factory. Even the water used in production is reused on the outdoor green spaces around our factory.

We also hold to high standards of social responsibility in the production of our premium products. We provide medical facilities and care for all employees at our factory. In addition, we give back to the local community by sponsoring sports teams, nursing holds, youth programs and local government programs in the city where our factory operates.

We believe treating our employees well encourages great work. Great work ensures a great product. And a great product ensures happy customers.

Buy Premium Blue Agave Nectar

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