Agave syrup is a sweetener that offers sweetening potency 1.5 times greater than that of sugar. But its positive attributes as a sweetener don’t end there. It also offers advantages in binding power, browning effects, dissolvability, glycemic index, flavor and storage life. Read on to find out more.

Agave syrup’s binding power

Agave syrup’s viscosity make it a natural choice for food products in the increasingly popular bar category. While its natural binding properties make it a desirable sweetener from a product formulator’s point of view, its low glycemic index and natural origins make it a desirable sweetener from a consumer point of view as well. This combination of attributes make it a perfect choice for food products in the healthy snacking genre.

Agave syrup’s browning effects

For many baked goods, an attractively browned crust is an important element of appearance. Like granulated sugar and other ͞real sugars,͟ agave syrup encourages browning in baked products. This makes it more desirable in many baking applications than artificial sweeteners, which do not offer the same browning and caramelization effects.

Agave syrup’s dissolvability

Agave syrup is useful in wet applications. Since it’s a liquid, there is no need to worry about its dissolvability or likelihood of separation. This makes it a popular sweetener in many beverages, marinades and salad dressings, where its lightly smoky flavor often adds a welcome dose of complexity.

Agave syrup’s glycemic index

Agave syrup’s low glycemic index make it a natural fit in food products that employ health-focused claims. With a glycemic index 63 points lower than that of granulated sugar, it’s a great offer for the healthy snacking trends that are increasingly popular in today’s food markets.

Agave syrup’s flavor

Agave syrup’s flavor is relatively neutral, with a light smoky aftertaste. This makes it a perfect sweetener for situations where a sweetener with natural origins is called for, but honey is too strongly flavored for the product in development.

Agave syrup’s storage life

Agave stores well for long periods of time, with a shelf life extending two years beyond its production date. And even though, like honey, it’s a sweetener derived from natural sources, it doesn’t crystallize the way honey sometimes does.

Agave syrup: the right sweetener for you?

It’s not just about finding a source of sweetness. It’s about finding a sweetener that serves the sweetening needs of your food product and offers attributes that will make your product more desirable for your consumer base.

For many food manufacturers, agave syrup’s natural origins, vegan-friendliness, stability, dissolvability and potency make it the right choice. If agave syrup is the right sweetener choice for you, contact us!

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