The production of our agave products comes from over 50 years’ of experience in the planting, harvesting and industrialization of the blue agave tequilana weber. In 2007, our co-op of growers and entrepreneurs at Inulin y Miel de Agave embarked on building the largest state of art facility in Mexico, producing the highest quality blue agave products.

Our 100% vertically integrated farmer owned factory adheres to fair trade principals while being socially responsible to the land and its people. The raw material plant waste is used in the bio-mass boiler which produces fuel for the factory, confirming our commitment to the environment.  Planting, harvesting, production & packaging are all done under one roof with the highest certifications in the marketplace today. A growing number of customers and consumers are becoming more interested in how the products they purchase and consume are being grown, processed and marketed. The IMAG-Tierra team knows this and is building brand integrity and trust through these efforts.

The IMAG-Tierra team joined forces in late 2013 to offer customers in North America the first of its kind factory direct source for all of their agave needs. With over 4,500 hectors currently under cultivation it’s not surprising what makes our products uniquely different in the market place today.



Our current production capacity is 34 tons daily

30 tons of organic blue agave syrup

4 tons of organic blue agave inulin