FiberDietary Fiber

Fiber-Blu® Inulin is considered a soluble fiber. Normal digestion does not break down inulin into monosaccharides, reaching the colon virtually unaltered.
Fiber-Blu® Inulin promotes the growth of healthier gut micro flora, thus aiding in optimal intestinal function with improved regularity and reduced constipation.


Low CalorieLow Calorie

Fiber-Blu® Inulin, unlike other carbohydrates, has a low caloric value of 1.5kcal/g.
Fiber-Blu® Inulin is not fully absorbed like other dietary carbohydrates, thus making it a good choice for calorie-reduced, or low calorie products.


Fat ReplacerFat Replacer

Fiber-Blu® Inulin contains a third to a quarter of the food energy of sugar or other carbohydrates and a sixth to a ninth of the food energy of fat.
Fiber-Blu® Inulin can stabilize water into a creamy structure with the same mouth feel as fat, making it a good application for foods aimed at weight control.


SugarSugar Replacement

Fiber-Blu® Inulin has a low GI (Glycemic Index) compared to other sweeteners. Fiber-Blu® Inulin helps to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, and does not raise triglycerides, making it generally considered suitable for diabetics with potential benefits in managing blood sugar-related illnesses.



Fiber-Blu® Inulin contributes to the growth of beneficial intestinal micro flora populations, making it an excellent application in baby formulas, dairy products and beverages.




Calcium Absorption

Fiber-Blu® Inulin is being used for boosting calcium absorption. Scientific reports have shown that supplementing the diet with soluble dietary fibers such as inulin lead to improved bone health. Studies have shown a positive effect in adolescents and post-menopausal women.




Fiber-Blu® Inulin produces a particle gel in water that gives the finished product a creamy, fat-like mouth feel. This will also help to improve viscosity, flow-ability and gel structure and strength in the finished product. The improved mouth feel and texture provide an infused improvement in the flavor delivery system.


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