What is agave syrup?

Agave syrup is an all natural sweetener made from the agave plant. Our Bluava syrup is made from the higher quality blue agave plant Tequilana Weber.

These blue agave plants are harvested by hand, their spiky leaves cut from the heart or ‘pina’ which is where the syrup actually comes from. These pinas are then crushed to extract the juice; this juice is then filtered and heated in various stages to create the agave syrup.

Agave syrup vs sugar

Agave syrup is twice as sweet as sugar and has a much lower GI. It is for those reasons that agave syrup is considered a healthier sweetener compared to other sweeteners such as table sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Agave syrup glycemic index

Our Bluava agave syrup has a Glycemic Index of approximately 17.

Light agave vs dark agave

All pure agave syrup will have a slightly smoky aftertaste. However the lighter the product the less noticeable this will be which is why the light colored agave syrup is used in various applications such as beverages and salad dressings. The darker colored agave syrup will have a more prominent smoky flavor and is mostly used in the baking industry.

Agave shelf life

The shelf life of agave syrup is 2 years from the production date.

Agave purity

Yes, agave syrup should never contain any additives or other sources of sugars.

Agave syrup quality standards

High quality agave syrup will have a fructose content above 80%. The Mexican government has established a minimum quality for blue agave syrup just as they did for the production of Tequila. Under NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 all blue agave syrup must have a fructose level at or above 80% to be called blue agave syrup.

Agave and allergies

No, agave syrup is free from all allergens.

Is agave vegan?

Yes, agave syrup is obtained from the Blue Agave plant Tequilana Weber by physical extraction, hydrolysis and purifications of naturally occurring fructans in the agave sap. No animal or animal by products are used in the production process.

Agave Inulin

What is inulin?

Inulin is found naturally in more than 36,000 types of plants worldwide. Inulin has unique functional properties making it perform excellent in many food applications. FiberBlu® inulin is a highly soluble product with a neutral to slightly sweet taste for good tasting products with unique selling points.

Powder inulin vs liquid inulin

FiberBlu® inulin can come in either powder or liquid form. Each form has unique applications and properties. Consult a Tierra Group sales representative for the right product for your application.

Inulin uses

The key reason inulin is used in processed foods are numerous. It can serve as a sugar and fat replacement, as well as an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber. Inulin’s prebiotic properties help to promote beneficial bacteria while dairy and beverage products see a boost in calcium absorption. As a fat replacement it improves the taste, texture, and mouth feel of reduced-fat and fat- free products while also being low in calories. Cereal based products such as pasta, crackers, breads and breakfast cereals show improved structure and crispness exhibiting texture improvement.

What kinds of processed foods use inulin?

Many processed foods contain inulin. Examples are Yogurt, Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Pasta, Ice Cream, Candies, Breakfast Cereals, Bakery Spreads.

Inulin shelf life

In powder form FiberBlu® Inulin has a shelf of 3 years at room temperature. In liquid form FiberBlu® inulin has a 6 month shelf life at room temperature or one year refrigerated.

Inulin packaging

FiberBlu® inulin in powder form is packed in 25 kg bags with 40 bags per pallet. In liquid form it is packed in bulk totes.

Is FiberBlu® inulin a pure and natural product?

Yes FiberBlu® Inulin is a pure product with no additives added. FiberBlu® Inulin contains no allergens and is a great ingredient choice when developing healthy food products.

Is FiberBlu® Inulin organic and vegan friendly?

FiberBlu® inulin in both powder and liquid forms is one of the few USDA organic certified inulin products on the market. Our Inulin is also Vegan friendly as it is derived entirely from the Agave plant.

Hpw can I buy Tierra Group organic agave products?

Are you looking for premium blue agave products in retail or wholesale quantities? Check out more information about our agave syrup and agave inulin or contact us for a quote.