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Agave Syrup: Factors beyond Sweetness

Agave syrup is a sweetener that offers sweetening potency 1.5 times greater than that of sugar. But its positive attributes as a sweetener don’t end there. It also offers advantages in binding power, browning effects, dissolvability, glycemic index, flavor and storage life. Read on to find out more. Agave syrup’s binding power Agave syrup’s viscosity…
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Agave Syrup: The Perfect Fit for 2017 Consumer Food Trends

Customization is the word of the hour for consumer food trends in 2017. As Millennials increasingly shape food markets with their purchasing power, their desire for products that are tailored to their lifestyles, health goals and self-expression becomes a powerful tool for drawing in new consumers. Agave: The Perfect Solution for Customized Diets “We’re seeing…
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Is Agave Syrup the Right Clean Eating Sweetener for You?

“Clean eating sweetener.” It sounds so simple, but finding the right sweetener for your diet plan can seem like an overwhelming process. But we’ve got good news. Agave syrup might be the right clean eating sweetener for you. What Does Clean Eating Mean? Clean eating is a flexible concept. For some people, it means avoiding…
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Is Agave Vegan?

Agave is one hundred percent vegan. Since it’s derived from agave plants instead of animal sources, you can enjoy this sweetener in the knowledge that you’re not causing harm to any other creature because of it. And our premium organic agave isn’t just vegan. Keep reading to learn about the other ways our agave products…
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