“Tierra” mean earth. Taking care of it means being able to provide the highest quality, organic blue agave syrups and inulin direct from our organically grown fields to your store shelf or product. These key characteristics are reflected in our organic Bluava® agave nectar and organic FiberBlu® agave inulin.

Pure Agave Products

The Tierra Group offers both large and small companies excellent in stock inventory from a variety of our warehouse locations with many different packaging configurations for both retail and wholesale customers. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help with all of your food application or retail needs.

Our values: Fair Trade Principals and Practices

We know people desire a trustworthy reliable source for their organic agave products. Our 100% farmer owned factory adheres to fair trade principals while being socially responsible to the land and its people. This totally vertical supply chain method results in lowering our carbon footprint by eliminating excess packaging and shipping, making a difference to the earth. Everything from planting, harvesting, production and bottling helps to build brand transparency with a commitment to pure quality.


100% pure is our promise to you.  Farmer owned, factory direct.

How can I buy Tierra Group agave products?

Are you looking for premium blue agave products in retail or wholesale quantities? Check out more information about our agave syrup and agave inulin or contact us for a quote.